Workspace process instances

The processes section displays information about all process instances in an application. The default views are for currently running process instances under Running Processes and all completed process instances under Completed Processes. There is a further view that shows process instances of all status types called All Processes. If you select a process instance it will display the tasks associated to it.

The possible statuses of a process instance are as follows:

RUNNINGThe process instance is currently running
SUSPENDEDThe process instance is currently suspended and cannot continue until it is reactivated
COMPLETEDThe process instance is complete
CANCELLEDThe process instance has been cancelled and cannot be completed

Starting a process instance

Use the following steps to start a new process instance:

  1. Click Create and select New Process.
  2. Enter a name for the process instance and select the process definition to use from the dropdown list.
  3. Click Start to start the process instance.

Filtering process instances

It is possible to update the three default views for process instances by changing the filters, or create a new custom view by clicking the Customize your filter section on any view.

The options for customizing a filter are as follows:

StatusThe status of process instance to display in the filter
Sort byThe column to sort by: Id, Name, Status or StartDate
Order byWhether the ordering is ascending or descending
Last modified fromThe date the process instance was last modified from
Last modified toThe date the process instance was last modified to

Once you have customized your filter, there are two options:

  • Save filter: Selecting this will save the filter over the current view.
  • Save filter as: Selecting this will give you the option to provide a name for a new view for your filter and add it under the Processes section.

You can use the Delete filter option at any time to remove a view.

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