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Application Development Framework (ADF)

The Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) is based on the Angular framework. ADF is provided by Alfresco to make it easy to build custom web applications to manage and view content in the Alfresco Platform Repository.

ADF Blog Posts

  • Introduction to the new Content Metadata component

    This post will be a practical guide for the ADF Metadata component, how to install it, use it and configure it. The purpose of the component is to display the metadata belonging to given node. Until now, the component was capable of displaying and making the basic properties editable, but with the latest enhancements, all of the system wide and custom aspects related to a particular node can be displayed and edited. Read more »

  • How to organize your ADF app.config for multiple environments

    You are developing an ADF app but you notice that you need a different configuration for different environments. You have many environments including development, master, production but they all depend on your app.config.json. Each time you switch environment may you have to change or copy a different app.config.json. Why do you need to do that? Read more »