ADF Documentation

The ADF docs have a number of sections that you can access using the navigation bar to the left. The Tutorials are a good place for newcomers to start but you can also find more advanced material here if you want to expand your knowledge further. The User Guide provides useful background information and explains specific topics in depth.

The API sections contain reference pages for each of the main ADF libraries. Each page describes a component API in detail using a consistent format. Most of the ADF class names mentioned in the API docs are clickable links that will take you to the corresponding source file in the main Github repo. Also, the main title of each component page contains a link to the source file where the component is defined.

The Version index lists all ADF components according to the version where they were released. The Release notes contain further version information, including the specific bug cases that were addressed.

The full Markdown sources for the ADF docs are available in the Github repo, and each page also has an Edit on Github button. If you have suggestions for improvements or corrections to a page then we would be pleased to see them.

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