Opens a Content Node Selector in its own dialog window.

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Basic Usage


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
breadcrumbTransformFunctionTransformation to be performed on the chosen/folder node before building the breadcrumb UI. Can be useful when custom formatting is needed for the breadcrumb. You can change the path elements from the node that are used to build the breadcrumb using this function.
currentFolderIdstringnullNode ID of the folder currently listed.
dropdownHideMyFilesbooleanfalseHide the "My Files" option added to the site list by default. See the Sites Dropdown component for more information.
dropdownSiteListSitePagingnullCustom site for site dropdown. This is the same as the siteList. property of the Sites Dropdown component (see its doc page for more information).
imageResolverImageResolvernullCustom image resolver function. See the Image Resolver Model page for more information.
isSelectionValidValidationFunctiondefaultValidationFunction used to decide if the selected node has permission to be selected. Default value is a function that always returns true.
pageSizenumberNumber of items shown per page in the list.
restrictRootToCurrentFolderIdbooleanfalseIf true will restrict the search and breadcrumbs to the currentFolderId
selectionMode"single" | "multiple""single"Define the selection mode for document list. The allowed values are single or multiple
wherestringCustom where filter function. See the Document List component for more information.
excludeSiteContentstring[]Custom list of site content componentIds. Used to filter out the corresponding items from the displayed nodes
rowFilterRowFilterCustom row filter function. See the Row Filter Model page for more information.
showDropdownSiteListbooleanToggle sites list dropdown rendering
showFilesInResultvoidShows the files and folders in the search result
showNodeCounterbooleanShows the node counter in the breadcrumb
showSearchbooleanToggle search input rendering


currentFolderEventEmitter<Node>Emitted when current folder loaded.
folderLoadedEventEmitter<any>Emitted when folder loaded.
navigationChangeEventEmitter<NodeEntryEvent>Emitted when the navigation changes.
selectEventEmitter<Node[]>Emitted when the user has chosen an item.
showingSearchEventEmitter<boolean>Emitted when search is running.
siteChangeEventEmitter<string>Emitted when the select site changes.


This component opens a content node selector in its own dialog window. This behaves a lot like the standard file open/save dialogs used by applications to choose files. Full details are given in the Content Node Selector component page (this is similar but does not manage the dialog window for you). Also, the Content Node Dialog service has several methods that give you finer control over the behavior of the dialog.

Using the breadcrumbTransform function

The breadcrumbTransform property lets you modify the Node object that is used to generate the list of breadcrumbs. You can use this, for example, to remove path elements that are not relevant to the use case. See the Breadcrumb component page for an example of how to use this function.

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