Allows a user to select items from a Content Services repository.

Content Node Selector screenshot


The Content Node Selector component works a lot like the standard File Open/Save dialog used by desktop applications except that it chooses items from a Content Services repository rather than the filesystem. For example, the Document List component uses a selector to choose the targets of Copy/Move actions (see the Content Action component for more information).

Showing the dialog

Unlike most components, the Content Node Selector Component is typically shown in a dialog box rather than the main page and you are responsible for opening the dialog yourself. You can use the Angular Material Dialog for this, as shown in the usage example. ADF provides the ContentNodeSelectorComponentData interface to work with the Dialog's data option:

export interface ContentNodeSelectorComponentData {
    title: string;
    actionName?: string;
    currentFolderId: string;
    dropdownHideMyFiles?: boolean;
    restrictRootToCurrentFolderId?: boolean;
    dropdownSiteList?: SitePaging;
    rowFilter?: any;
    where?: string;
    imageResolver?: any;
    selectionMode?: 'multiple' | 'single';
    isSelectionValid?: (entry: Node) => boolean;
    breadcrumbTransform?: (node) => any;
    excludeSiteContent?: string[];
    select: Subject<Node[]>;
    showSearch?: boolean;
    showFilesInResult?: boolean;
    showDropdownSiteList?: boolean;
    showLocalUploadButton?: boolean;
    multipleUpload?: boolean;

The properties are described in the table below:

NameTypeDefault valueDescription
titlestring""Dialog title
actionNamestring""Text to appear on the dialog's main action button ("Move", "Copy", etc)
currentFolderIdstringnullNode ID of the folder currently listed.
dropdownHideMyFilesbooleanfalseHide the "My Files" option added to the site list by default. See the Sites Dropdown component for more information.
dropdownSiteListSitePagingnullCustom site for site dropdown same as siteList. See the Sites Dropdown component for more information.
rowFilterRowFilternullCustom row filter function. See the Row Filter Model page for more information.
wherestringnullCustom where filter function. See the Document List component for more information.
imageResolverImageResolvernullCustom image resolver function. See the Image Resolver Model page for more information.
pageSizenumberNumber of items shown per page in the list.
isSelectionValidValidationFunctiondefaultValidationFunction used to decide if the selected node has permission to be selected. Default value is a function that always returns true.
breadcrumbTransform(node: any) => anyTransformation to be performed on the chosen/folder node before building the breadcrumb UI. Can be useful when custom formatting is needed for the breadcrumb. You can change the path elements from the node that are used to build the breadcrumb using this function.
selectSubject<Node>Event emitted with the current node selection when the dialog closes
showSearchbooleantrueRender search input
showDropdownSiteListbooleantrueRender sites list dropdown menu

If you don't want to manage the dialog yourself then it is easier to use the Content Node Selector Panel component, or the methods of the Content Node Dialog service, which create the dialog for you.

Usage example

import { MatDialog } from '@angular/material/dialog';
import { ContentNodeSelectorComponentData, ContentNodeSelectorComponent} from '@adf/content-services'
import { Subject } from 'rxjs/Subject';

constructor(dialog: MatDialog ... ) {}

openSelectorDialog() {
    data: ContentNodeSelectorComponentData = {
        title: "Choose an item",
        actionName: "Choose",
        currentFolderId: someFolderId,
        select: new Subject<Node[]>()
            data, panelClass: 'adf-content-node-selector-dialog',
            width: '630px'
    ); Node[]) => {
        // Use or store selection...
        //your error handling
        //action called when an action or cancel is clicked on the dialog

All the results will be streamed to the select subject present in the ContentNodeSelectorComponentData object passed to the dialog. When the dialog action is selected by clicking, the stream will be completed.

RowFilter and ImageResolver

The Content Node Selector uses a Document List to display the items that the user can choose. As with the standard Document List, you can supply a custom row filter function (to hide items that can't be chosen) and a custom image resolver function (to select an image to show in a particular list cell). For example, you could use a row filter to hide document nodes in a folder selector. See the Row Filter Model and Image Resolver Model pages for more information.

Using the breadcrumbTransform function

The breadcrumbTransform property of ContentNodeSelectorComponentData lets you modify the Node object that is used to generate the list of breadcrumbs. You can use this, for example, to remove path elements that are not relevant to the use case. See the Breadcrumb component page for an example of how to use this function.

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