Confirm dialog when user changes content type of a node.


The Content Type Dialog component works as a dialog showing a confirm message when the user changes the content type of a node. It is showing the properties of the new content type selected.

Showing the dialog

Unlike most components, the Content Type Dialog component is typically shown in a dialog box rather than the main page and you are responsible for opening the dialog yourself. You can use the Angular Material Dialog for this, as shown in the usage example. ADF provides the ContentTypeDialogComponentData interface to work with the Dialog's data option:

export interface ContentTypeDialogComponentData {
    title: string;
    description: string;
    confirmMessage: string;
    select: Subject<boolean>;
    nodeType?: string;

The properties are described in the table below:

NameTypeDefault valueDescription
titlestring""Dialog title
descriptionstring""Text to appear as description under the dialog title
confirmMessagestring""Text that will be showed on the top of properties list accordion
selectSubject<Node>Event emitted when apply button is clicked
nodeTypestring""current prefixed name of the content type selected

If you don't want to manage the dialog yourself then it is easier to use the methods of the Content Type Property Service, which create the dialog for you.

Usage example

import { MatDialog } from '@angular/material/dialog';
import { AspectListDialogComponentData, AspectListDialogComponent} from '@adf/content-services'
import { Subject } from 'rxjs/Subject';
constructor(dialog: MatDialog ... ) {}
openSelectorDialog() {
    const data: ContentTypeDialogComponentData = {
        select: select,
            data, panelClass: 'adf-content-type-dialog',
            width: '630px'
    ); Node[]) => {
        // Use or store selection...
        //your error handling
        //action called when an action or cancel is clicked on the dialog

All the results will be streamed to the select subject present in the ContentTypeDialogData object passed to the dialog. When the dialog action is selected by clicking, the stream will be completed.

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