Indicates the current position within a navigation hierarchy using a dropdown menu.

Dropdown Breadcrumb screenshot

Basic Usage

<adf-dropdown-breadcrumb  *ngIf="useDropdownBreadcrumb"

Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
folderNodeNodenullActive node, builds UI based on folderNode.path.elements collection.
maxItemsnumberMaximum number of nodes to display before wrapping them with a dropdown element.
readOnlybooleanfalseIf true, prevents the user from navigating away from the active node.
rootstringnull(optional) Name of the root element of the breadcrumb. You can use this property to rename "Company Home" to "Personal Files" for example. You can use an i18n resource key for the property value.
rootIdstringnull(optional) The id of the root element. You can use this property to set a custom element the breadcrumb should start with.
targetDocumentListComponent(optional) Document List component to operate with. The list will update when the breadcrumb is clicked.
transformFunctionTransformation to be performed on the chosen/folder node before building the breadcrumb UI. Can be useful when custom formatting is needed for the breadcrumb. You can change the path elements from the node that are used to build the breadcrumb using this function.


navigateEventEmitter<PathElement>Emitted when the user clicks on a breadcrumb.


Although this component inherits the maxItems property from the Breadcrumb component, the "crumbs" are always shown on a menu. By contrast, the Breadcrumb component only falls back to a menu when its maximum number of nodes is exceeded.

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