Allows to create multiple tags. That component contains input and two lists. Top list is all created tags, bottom list is searched tags based on input's value.

Basic Usage

    (tagsChange)="tags = $event"

Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
disabledTagsRemovingbooleanfalseFalse if tags can be removed from top list, true otherwise.
modeTagsCreatorModeMode for component. In Create mode we can't select existing tags, we can only create them. In Create and Assign mode we can both - create tags and select existing tags.
tagNameControlVisiblebooleanDecides if input for tags creation/searching should be visible. When input is hidden then panel of existing tags is hidden as well.
tagsstring[]Default top list.


existingTagsPanelVisibilityChangeEventEmitter<boolean>Emitted when bottom list is showing or hiding.
tagNameControlVisibleChangeEventEmitter<boolean>Emitted when input is showing or hiding.
tagsChangeEventEmitter<string[]>Emitted when tags in top list are changed.

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