Activates a file upload.

Basic usage


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
acceptedFilesTypestring"*"Filter for accepted file types.
commentstringWhen you overwrite existing content, you can use the comment field to add a version comment that appears in the version history
disabledbooleanfalseToggles component disabled state (if there is no node permission checking).
fileFileCustom added file. The upload button type will be 'button' instead of 'file'
majorVersionbooleanfalsemajorVersion boolean field to true to indicate a major version should be created.
maxFilesSizenumberSets a limit on the maximum size (in bytes) of a file to be uploaded. Has no effect if undefined.
multipleFilesbooleanfalseAllows/disallows multiple files
nodeTypestring"cm:content"Custom node type for uploaded file
rootFolderIdstring"-root-"The ID of the root. Use the nodeId for Content Services or the taskId/processId for Process Services.
staticTitlestringDefines the text of the upload button.
tooltipstringnullCustom tooltip text.
uploadFoldersbooleanfalseAllows/disallows upload folders (only for Chrome).
versioningbooleanfalseToggles versioning.


beginUploadEventEmitter<UploadFilesEvent>Emitted when the upload begins.
errorEventEmitter<FileUploadErrorEvent>Emitted when an error occurs.
permissionEventEventEmitter<PermissionModel>Emitted when create permission is missing.
successEventEmitter<any>Emitted when the file is uploaded successfully.
updateFileVersionEventEmitter<CustomEvent<any>>Emitted when dropping a file over another file to update the version.


How to show a notification message for bad permission

You can show a notification error when the user doesn't have the right permission to perform the action. The component emits a permissionEvent when the user does not have delete permission. You can subscribe to this event from your component and use the Notification service to show a message.

export class MyComponent {

    onUploadPermissionFailed(event: any) {
            `you don't have the ${event.permission} permission to ${event.action} the ${event.type} `, 4000


Upload notification message

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