Displays the version history of a node with the ability to upload a new version.

Version Manager

This component is still in experimental phase. It has several limitations which will be resolved soon.

Basic Usage


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
allowDownloadbooleantrueEnable/disable downloading a version of the current node.
newFileVersionFileNew file for updating current version.
nodeNodeTarget node to manage version history.
showCommentsbooleantrueToggles showing/hiding of comments.
showVersionComparisonbooleanfalseToggles showing/hiding the version comparison component.


uploadCancelEventEmitter<boolean>Emitted when an cancelling during upload.
uploadErrorEventEmitter<FileUploadErrorEvent>Emitted when an error occurs during upload.
uploadSuccessEventEmitter<Node>Emitted when a file is uploaded successfully.
viewVersionEventEmitter<string>Emitted when viewing a version.


Version actions

Each version has a context menu on the right, with the following actions.

RestoreAllRevert the current version to the selected one with creating a new version of it.

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