Creates and manages public shared links for files.


Basic Usage

    <button mat-icon-button

<adf-document-list #documentList ...>

Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
baseShareUrlstringPrefix to add to the generated link.
nodeNodeEntryNode to share.


This dialog will generate a link with the form "baseShareUrl + sharedId". For example, if you set the input parameter as follows:


...or through app.config.json:

    "baseShareUrl": 'http://external/url',

...then the directive will ask the Content service to generate a sharedId for the file. This will create a URL like the following:


To use this, you will need to implement some code that gets the NEW_GENERATED_SHAREID with the router and passes it to a Viewer component:


Date and time widget

Date and time widget for setting the expiration date can be configured to show only the date picker or both date and time piker. By default, the widget will show both date and time picker if sharedLinkDateTimePickerType is not present in the app.config.json. Possible values are 'date' or 'datetime'

    "sharedLinkDateTimePickerType": 'date'

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