Selectively toggles nodes as favorites.

Basic Usage

    <button mat-icon-button

<adf-document-list #documentList ...>
    selector: 'my-component'
class MyComponent {

    done() {
        // ...


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
selectionNodeEntry[][]Array of nodes to toggle as favorites.


errorEventEmitter<any>Emitted when the favorite setting fails.
toggleEventEmitter<any>Emitted when the favorite setting is complete.


You can bind the directive instance to a template variable through the adfFavorite reference, which also lets you add extra styling to the element:

    [ngClass]="{ 'icon-highlight': selection.hasFavorites() }"
    <mat-icon [ngClass]="{ 'icon-highlight': selection.hasFavorites() }">
        {{ selection.hasFavorites() ? 'star' : 'star_border' }}

The directive behaves as follows:

  • If there are no favorite nodes in the selection, then all are marked as favorites
  • If there are one or more favorite nodes in the selection, then only those that are not favorites are marked
  • If all nodes in the selection are favorites, then they all have their favorite status removed

See the Demo Shell for examples of usage.

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