Sets custom CSS styles for rows of a Document List according to the item's permissions.

Class members


isFilebooleanDoes this style apply to files?
isFolderbooleanDoes this style apply to folders?
permissionPermissionsAn enum value defining the permissions that this style applies to (see below)
cssstringThe name of the CSS class to add


You can customize the style of a Document List row based on the user's permissions for that item. The list has a permissionsStyle property containing an array of Permission Style model objects. These objects associate a particular CSS style with a permission level and can be applied separately to files and folders by setting isFile and isFolder appropriately.

Permissions enum

The Allowable Operations enum contains all the valid permissions for which you can apply custom styles: DELETE, UPDATE, CREATE, UPDATEPERMISSIONS, NOT_DELETE, NOT_UPDATE, NOT_CREATE, NOT_UPDATEPERMISSIONS.


If you want to change the style on rows where the user can create content:

let permissionsStyle: PermissionStyleModel[] = [];

this.permissionsStyle.push(new PermissionStyleModel('document-list__create', AllowableOperationsEnum.CREATE));        
<adf-document-list [permissionsStyle]="permissionsStyle">
adf-document-list adf-datatable .document-list__create {
    background: green !important;

If you want to change the style on the folders where the user doesn't have the permission to update:

let permissionsStyle: PermissionStyleModel[] = [];

this.permissionsStyle.push(new PermissionStyleModel('document-list__disable', AllowableOperationsEnum.NOT_UPDATE, false, true));
<adf-document-list [permissionsStyle]="permissionsStyle">
adf-document-list adf-datatable .document-list__disable {
    background: red !important;

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