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Manages role permissions for content nodes.

Class members


  • getGroupMemberByGroupName(groupName: string, opts?: any): Observable<GroupMemberPaging>
    Gets all members related to a group name.
    • groupName: string - Name of group to look for members
    • opts: any - (Optional) Extra options supported by JS-API
    • Returns Observable<GroupMemberPaging> - List of members
  • getNodeRoles(node: Node): Observable<string[]>
    Gets a list of roles for the current node.
    • node: Node - The target node
    • Returns Observable<string[]> - Array of strings representing the roles
  • removePermission(node: Node, permissionToRemove: PermissionElement): Observable<Node>
    Removes a permission setting from a node.
    • node: Node - ID of the target node
    • permissionToRemove: PermissionElement - Permission setting to remove
    • Returns Observable<Node> - Node with modified permissions
  • updateLocallySetPermissions(node: Node, nodes: NodeEntry[], nodeRole: string[]): Observable<Node>
    Updates the locally set permissions for a node.
    • node: Node - ID of the target node
    • nodes: NodeEntry[] - Permission settings
    • nodeRole: string[] - Permission role
    • Returns Observable<Node> - Node with updated permissions
  • updateNodePermissions(nodeId: string, permissionList: NodeEntry[]): Observable<Node>
    Update permissions for a node.
    • nodeId: string - ID of the target node
    • permissionList: NodeEntry[] - New permission settings
    • Returns Observable<Node> - Node with updated permissions
  • updatePermissionRole(node: Node, updatedPermissionRole: PermissionElement): Observable<Node>
    Updates the permission role for a node.
    • node: Node - Target node
    • updatedPermissionRole: PermissionElement - Permission role to update or add
    • Returns Observable<Node> - Node with updated permission


This service requires the Content Services Groups API, which is available from version 5.2.1.

See the Groups API docs in the Alfresco JS API for more information about the types returned by the methods and for the implementation of the REST API the service is based on.

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