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Implements a radio button list widget for the Search Filter component.

Radio Widget screenshot

Basic usage

    "search": {
        "categories": [
                "id": "queryType",
                "name": "Type",
                "enabled": true,
                "component": {
                    "selector": "radio",
                    "settings": {
                        "field": null,
                        "pageSize": 5,
                        "options": [
                            { "name": "None", "value": "" },
                            { "name": "All", "value": "TYPE:'cm:folder' OR TYPE:'cm:content'" },
                            { "name": "Folder", "value": "TYPE:'cm:folder'" },
                            { "name": "Document", "value": "TYPE:'cm:content'" }


optionsarrayArray of objects with name and value properties. Each object defines a radio button, labelled with name, that adds the query fragment in value to the query when enabled.


This component displays a list of radio buttons, each of which toggles a particular query fragment in the search. This behaviour is very similar to that of the Search check list component except only one item at a time can be selected. See the Search filter component for full details of how to use the widgets in a search query.

The component can be set to split a long list of buttons into separate pages using the pageSize value as the number of buttons to show per page (default is 5). When there is more than one page, the widget will display "Show more" and "Show less" buttons as appropriate.

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