Manages categories in Content Services.

Class members


  • createSubcategories(parentCategoryId: string, payload: CategoryBody[]): Observable<CategoryPaging|CategoryEntry>
    Creates subcategories under category with provided categoryId
    • parentCategoryId: string - The identifier of a parent category.
    • payload: CategoryBody[] - List of categories to be created.
    • Returns Observable<CategoryPaging|CategoryEntry> - Observable<CategoryPaging | CategoryEntry>
  • deleteCategory(categoryId: string): Observable<void>
    Deletes category
  • getSubcategories(parentCategoryId: string, skipCount?: number, maxItems?: number): Observable<CategoryPaging>
    Get subcategories of a given parent category
    • parentCategoryId: string - The identifier of a parent category.
    • skipCount: number - (Optional) Number of top categories to skip.
    • maxItems: number - (Optional) Maximum number of subcategories returned from Observable.
    • Returns Observable<CategoryPaging> - Observable<CategoryPaging>
  • searchCategories(name: string, skipCount: number = 0, maxItems?: number): Observable<ResultSetPaging>
    Searches categories by their name.
    • name: string - Value for name which should be used during searching categories.
    • skipCount: number - Specify how many first results should be skipped. Default 0.
    • maxItems: number - (Optional) Specify max number of returned categories. Default is specified by UserPreferencesService.
    • Returns Observable<ResultSetPaging> - Observable<ResultSetPaging> Found categories which name contains searched name.
  • updateCategory(categoryId: string, payload: CategoryBody): Observable<CategoryEntry>
    Updates category
    • categoryId: string - The identifier of a category.
    • payload: CategoryBody - Updated category body
    • Returns Observable<CategoryEntry> - Observable<CategoryEntry>


See the Categories API in the Alfresco JS API for more information about the types returned by Category service methods and for the implementation of the REST API the service is based on.

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