Displays dialogs to let the user set node permissions.

Class members


  • close()
    Closes the currently-open dialog.
  • openAddPermissionDialog(node: Node, roles: RoleModel[], title?: string): Observable<PermissionElement[]>
    Opens a dialog to add permissions to a node.
    • node: Node - target node
    • roles: RoleModel[] - settable roles for the node
    • title: string - (Optional) Dialog title
    • Returns Observable<PermissionElement[]> - Node with updated permissions
  • updateNodePermissionByDialog(nodeId?: string, title?: string): Observable<Node>
    Opens a dialog to update permissions for a node.
    • nodeId: string - (Optional) ID of the target node
    • title: string - (Optional) Dialog title
    • Returns Observable<Node> - Node with updated permissions


This service sets up an Add Permission Dialog component to provide a user interface for updating permissions.

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