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Activates a file upload.

Basic usage


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
acceptedFilesTypestring"*"Filter for accepted file types.
commentstringWhen you overwrite existing content, you can use the comment field to add a version comment that appears in the version history
disabledbooleanfalseToggles component disabled state (if there is no node permission checking).
majorVersionbooleanfalsemajorVersion boolean field to true to indicate a major version should be created.
maxFilesSizenumberSets a limit on the maximum size (in bytes) of a file to be uploaded. Has no effect if undefined.
multipleFilesbooleanfalseAllows/disallows multiple files
nodeTypestring"cm:content"Custom node type for uploaded file
rootFolderIdstring"-root-"The ID of the root. Use the nodeId for Content Services or the taskId/processId for Process Services.
staticTitlestringDefines the text of the upload button.
tooltipstringnullCustom tooltip text.
uploadFoldersbooleanfalseAllows/disallows upload folders (only for Chrome).
versioningbooleanfalseToggles versioning.


beginUploadEventEmitter<UploadFilesEvent>Emitted when the upload begins.
errorEventEmitter<Object>Emitted when an error occurs.
permissionEventEventEmitter<PermissionModel>Emitted when create permission is missing.
successEventEmitter<Object>Emitted when the file is uploaded successfully.


How to show a notification message for bad permission

You can show a notification error when the user doesn't have the right permission to perform the action. The component emits a permissionEvent when the user does not have delete permission. You can subscribe to this event from your component and use the Notification service to show a message.

export class MyComponent {

    onUploadPermissionFailed(event: any) {
            `you don't have the ${event.permission} permission to ${event.action} the ${event.type} `, 4000


Upload notification message

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