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Displays the version history of a node in a Version Manager component.

Basic Usage

<adf-version-list [node]="myNode"></adf-version-list>

Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
allowDownloadbooleantrueEnable/disable downloading a version of the current node.
nodeNodeThe target node.
showActionsbooleantrueToggles showing/hiding of version actions
showCommentsbooleantrueToggles showing/hiding of comments


deletedEventEmitter<Node>Emitted when a version is deleted
restoredEventEmitter<Node>Emitted when a version is restored


This component is used by the Version Manager component to load and displays the version history of a node.

If you want show readonly version list you set this component with showActions false:

<adf-version-list [node]="myNode" [showActions]="false" ></adf-version-list>

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