Displays info about a specific error.

Basic Usage

Once you have caught the error in your server you will need to redirect to /error/errorCode to display information about that error.

this.router.navigate(['/error', errorCode]);

Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
errorCodestringError code associated with this error.


Note that you need to provide values for the variables used in the view template.

You can customize your error messages by adding them to the translate files inside lib/core/i18n:

    "404": {
      "TITLE": "An error occurred.",
      "DESCRIPTION": "We couldn’t find the page you were looking for.",
        "TEXT": ""
      "RETURN_BUTTON": { 
        "TEXT": "Back to home"

How to customise the action button.

The errorContentComponent allows you to customise the actions section using the selector adf-error-content-actions.

For example you can have a custom action button with the following code

<adf-error-content [errorCode]="errorCode">
    <div adf-error-content-actions>
       <button type="button">MyAction</button>

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