Reusable header for Alfresco applications.

Basic usage



The right-hand side of the header has free-form content that you supply in the body of the element:

    <div>Optional content for right-hand side</div>

Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
colorThemePaletteBackground color for the header. It can be any hex color code or one of the Material theme colors: 'primary', 'accent' or 'warn'.
expandedSidenavbooleantrueexpandedSidenav: Toggles the expanded state of the component.
logostringPath to an image file for the application logo.
positionstring"start"The side of the page that the drawer is attached to (can be 'start' or 'end')
redirectUrlstring | any[]"/"The router link for the application logo, when clicked.
showSidenavTogglebooleantrueToggles whether the sidenav button will be displayed in the header or not.
titlestringTitle of the application.
tooltipstringThe tooltip text for the application logo.


clickedEventEmitter<boolean>Emitted when the sidenav button is clicked.


This component displays a customizable header that can be reused. Use the input properties to configure the left side (title, button) and the primary color of the header. The right part of the header can contain other components which are transcluded in the header component.

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