Shows a JSON-formatted value inside a datatable component.

Basic Usage

        <data-column key="json" type="json" title="Json Column"></data-column>

You can specify the cell inside the app.config.json file:

    "adf-cloud-process-list": {
        "presets": {
            "default": [
                    "key": "json",
                    "type": "json",
                    "title": "Json cell value"

Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
columnDataColumnData that defines the column.
copyContentbooleanEnables/disables a Clipboard directive to allow copying of the cell's content.
dataDataTableAdapterData table adapter instance.
editablebooleanfalseEditable JSON.
resolverFnFunctionnullCustom resolver function which is used to parse dynamic column objects
rowDataRowData that defines the row.
tooltipstringText for the cell's tooltip.


This component provides a custom display to show JSON data in a Datatable component cell

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