Displays a sidebar-action menu information panel.

Sidebar action menu button screenshotSidebar action menu icon screenshot

Basic usage


There are three regions where you can add your own content in <div> elements with the following names:

  • adf-sidebar-menu-title-icon
  • adf-sidebar-menu-options
  • adf-sidebar-menu-expand-icon
    <mat-icon adf-sidebar-menu-title-icon>arrow_drop_down</mat-icon>
    <div adf-sidebar-menu-expand-icon>
    <div adf-sidebar-menu-options>
        <button mat-menu-item>
            <span>Button Name</span>

Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
expandedbooleanToggle the sidebar action menu on expand.
titlestringThe title of the sidebar action.
widthnumber272Width in pixels for sidebar action menu options.


As the name suggests, this is basically just a layout with CSS styling.

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