Displays the Start Form for a process.

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Basic Usage


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
dataFormValuesCustom form values map to be used with the rendered form.
disableCompleteButtonbooleanfalseIf true then the Complete outcome button is shown but it will be disabled.
disableSaveButtonbooleanfalseIf true then the Save outcome button is shown but will be disabled.
disableStartProcessButtonbooleanfalseIf true then the Start Process outcome button is shown but it will be disabled.
enableFixedSpacedFormbooleantrueThe form will set a prefixed space for invisible fields.
fieldValidatorsFormFieldValidator[]Contains a list of form field validator instances.
formFormModelUnderlying form model instance.
formIdnumberThe id of the form definition to load and display with custom values.
formNamestringName of the form definition to load and display with custom values.
nameNodestringName to assign to the new node where the metadata are stored.
nodeIdstringContent Services node ID for the form metadata.
pathstringPath of the folder where the metadata will be stored.
processDefinitionIdstringDefinition ID of the process to start, this parameter can not be use in combination with processId
processIdstringProcess ID of the process to start, this parameter can not be use in combination with processDefinitionId
readOnlybooleanfalseToggle readonly state of the form. Forces all form widgets to render as readonly if enabled.
readOnlyFormbooleanfalseIs the form read-only (ie, can't be edited)?
saveMetadatabooleanfalseToggle saving of form metadata.
showCompleteButtonbooleantrueToggle rendering of the Complete outcome button.
showOutcomeButtonsbooleantrueShould form outcome buttons be shown?
showRefreshButtonbooleantrueShould the refresh button be shown?
showSaveButtonbooleantrueToggle rendering of the Save outcome button.
showTitlebooleantrueToggle rendering of the form title.
showValidationIconbooleantrueToggle rendering of the validation icon next to the form title.
taskIdstringTask id to fetch corresponding form and values.


errorEventEmitter<any>Emitted when any error occurs.
executeOutcomeEventEmitter<FormOutcomeEvent>Emitted when any outcome is executed. Default behaviour can be prevented via event.preventDefault().
formCompletedEventEmitter<FormModel>Emitted when the form is submitted with the Complete outcome.
formContentClickedEventEmitter<ContentLinkModel>Emitted when a field of the form is clicked.
formDataRefreshedEventEmitter<FormModel>Emitted when form values are refreshed due to a data property change.
formErrorEventEmitter<FormFieldModel[]>Emitted when the supplied form values have a validation error.
formLoadedEventEmitter<FormModel>Emitted when the form is loaded or reloaded.
formSavedEventEmitter<FormModel>Emitted when the form is submitted with the Save or custom outcomes.
outcomeClickEventEmitter<any>Emitted when the user clicks one of the outcome buttons that completes the form.


The Start Process component uses the Start Form component to display the start form for the process.

The outcomeClick event is passed a string containing the ID of the outcome button that the user clicked. You can pass this value to the startProcess method (defined in the Process service) when activating the process, if necessary.

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