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Stores key-value data items as browser cookies.

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  • clear()
    Placeholder for testing purposes - do not use.
  • getItem(key: string): string|null
    Retrieves a cookie by its key.
    • key: string - Key to identify the cookie
    • Returns string|null - The cookie data or null if it is not found
  • isEnabled(): boolean
    Checks if cookies are enabled.
    • Returns boolean - True if enabled, false otherwise
  • setItem(key: string, data: string, expiration: Date|null, path: string|null)
    Sets a cookie.
    • key: string - Key to identify the cookie
    • data: string - Data value to set for the cookie
    • expiration: Date|null - Expiration date of the data
    • path: string|null - "Pathname" to store the cookie


This service uses browser cookies to store data in the form of key-value pairs. An optional expiration date can be supplied for the cookie and a path can be used to reduce the chances of name clashes with cookies from other sources.

Cookies have a storage size limit that varies between browsers but is often around 4KB. Consider using web storage if you need to store data beyond this size.

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