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Creates and manages downloads.

Class members


  • cancelDownload(downloadId: string)
    Cancels a download.
    • downloadId: string - ID of the target download node
  • createDownload(payload: DownloadBodyCreate): Observable<DownloadEntry>
    Creates a new download.
  • getContentUrl(nodeId: string, attachment?: boolean): string
    Gets a content URL for the given node.
    • nodeId: string - Node to get URL for.
    • attachment: boolean - (Optional) Toggles whether to retrieve content as an attachment for download
    • Returns string - URL string
  • getDownload(downloadId: string): Observable<DownloadEntry>
    Gets status information for a download node.
  • getNode(nodeId: string): Observable<NodeEntry>
    Gets a Node via its node ID.


Use createDownload to create a node that will represent the downloadable ZIP data. The ZIP archive includes the content of all node IDs passed in via the DownloadBodyCreate parameter.

The DownloadEntry object returned by createDownload has an id field that you can use to identify the download node (eg, to cancel it later or get the node URL when the download is complete) and other information about the progress of the download.

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