Provides fine control of parameters to a search.


generateQueryBody(searchTerm: string, maxResults: string, skipCount: string): QueryBody
Generates a QueryBody object with custom search parameters.


The interface defines a service that generates a custom QueryBody object. This object can then be supplied to a search operation to refine the search parameters.

A standard implementation, the Search Configuration service is provided in the ADF Core library source. This works fine in most cases but if you need to, you can implement your own service, as described below.

How to use the interface

  1. Implement the service class

    Create your own service class to implement the SearchConfigurationInterface. This defines the the generateQueryBody method that returns the QueryBody object. See the QueryBody page in the Alfresco JS API for further details about the options this object provides.

    An example implementation is given below:

    import { QueryBody } from '@alfresco/js-api';
    import { SearchConfigurationInterface } from '@alfresco/adf-core';
    class TestSearchConfigurationService implements SearchConfigurationInterface {
        constructor() {
        public generateQueryBody(searchTerm: string, maxResults: string, skipCount: string): QueryBody {
            const defaultQueryBody: QueryBody = {
                query: {
                    query: searchTerm ? `${searchTerm}* OR name:${searchTerm}*` : searchTerm
                include: ['path', 'allowableOperations'],
                paging: {
                    maxItems: maxResults,
                    skipCount: skipCount
                filterQueries: [
                    { query: "TYPE:'cm:folder'" },
                    { query: 'NOT cm:creator:System' }]
            return defaultQueryBody;
  2. Provide your service class to the module

    Once you have created your service class, you must inform the component to use it instead of the default one. This is easily done using the component providers:

        import { SearchService, SearchConfigurationService } from '@alfresco/adf-core';
        import { TestSearchConfigurationService } from './search-config-test.service';
            selector: 'app-search-extended-component',
            templateUrl: './search-extended.component.html',
            styleUrls: ['./search-extended.component.scss'],
            encapsulation: ViewEncapsulation.None,
            providers: [
                { provide: SearchConfigurationService, useClass: TestSearchConfigurationService },

    You also need to add the SearchService as a provider to avoid overriding the module instance. This component will have his own instance of the SearchService that will use the class you have provided as its configuration.

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