Transforms a number to have a certain amount of digits in its integer part and also in its decimal part.

Basic Usage


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
digitsInfoDecimalNumberModelA format to apply to the date value. Date Pipe Formats.
localestring'en-US'A locale id for the locale format rules to use.


This pipe transforms a given number so it follows the set configuration for the pipe. You can change this configuration by changing the parameters in your app.config.json.

"decimalValues": {
    "minIntegerDigits": 1,
    "minFractionDigits": 0,
    "maxFractionDigits": 2

You can also overwrite this config by passing a DecimalNumberModel as an argument for this pipe.

The number can be also localized so it applies commas and dots in the right place depending on the locale id in use.


//Returns '1,234.57'

decimalNumberPipe.transform(1234.567, digitsConfig, "it");
//Returns '1.234,57'

And now with a different config:

digitsConfig = {
    minIntegerDigits: 6,
    minFractionDigits: 4,
    maxFractionDigits: 4

decimalNumberPipe.transform(1234.567, digitsConfig);
//Returns '001,234.5670'

More info: Angular DecimalPipe

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