Converts a date to a given format and locale.

Basic Usage

    Created date: {{ date | adfLocalizedDate }}


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
formatstring'medium'A format to apply to the date value. Date Pipe Formats.
localestring'en-US'A locale id for the locale format rules to use.


The pipe takes a date and formats it and localizes it so the date is displayed in the proper format for the region. It uses the Angular Date Pipe so all the pre-defined and custom formats can be used.

To localize the dates in your application, you will need to add the specific locale file for your region in order to use it. Read more about internationalization here.

For example, if you want add the japanese date localization in your ADF app you can add in your app.module.ts:

import { AppConfigService, TRANSLATION_PROVIDER, DebugAppConfigService, CoreModule, CoreAutomationService } from '@alfresco/adf-core';


import { registerLocaleData } from '@angular/common';
import localeJa from '@angular/common/locales/ja';


Default values

You can overwrite the default values of this pipe by adding these properties to your app.config.json:

 "dateValues": {
   "defaultDateFormat": "mediumDate",
   "defaultDateTimeFormat": "MMM d, y, H:mm",
   "defaultLocale": "en-US"
defaultDateFormatstringThe format to apply to date values
defaultDateTimeFormatstringThe format to apply to date-time values
defaultLocalestringThe locale id to apply

This configuration overwrites the values in the localized date pipe as well as other components to have more consistency across your app. However, you can still overwrite these values any time by using the pipe in your code.

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