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Contains version and license information classes for Alfresco products.


The classes in this model contain details about the version and license status of Process Services and Content Services. You can access this information from ADF using the Discovery Api service. See also the Alfresco JS API docs to learn more about the REST architecture that the service is based on.

class BpmProductVersionModel {
    edition: string;
    majorVersion: string;
    revisionVersion: string;
    minorVersion: string;
    type: string;

class EcmProductVersionModel {
    edition: string;
    version: VersionModel;
    license: LicenseModel;
    status: VersionStatusModel;
    modules: VersionModuleModel[] = [];

class VersionModel {
    major: string;
    minor: string;
    patch: string;
    hotfix: string;
    schema: number;
    label: string;
    display: string;

class LicenseModel {
    issuedAt: string;
    expiresAt: string;
    remainingDays: number;
    holder: string;
    mode: string;
    isClusterEnabled: boolean;
    isCryptodocEnabled: boolean;

class VersionStatusModel {
    isReadOnly: boolean;
    isAuditEnabled: boolean;
    isQuickShareEnabled: boolean;
    isThumbnailGenerationEnabled: boolean;

class VersionModuleModel {
    id: string;
    title: string;
    description: string;
    version: string;
    installDate: string;
    installState: string;
    versionMin: string;
    versionMax: string;

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