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Manages prearranged conversions of content to different formats.


isRenditionAvailable(nodeId: string, encoding: string):Observable<boolean>
Has the specified rendition been set up for this item?

isConversionPossible(nodeId: string, encoding: string):Observable<boolean>
Is it possible to convert this item to the specified format?

getRenditionUrl(nodeId: string, encoding: string): string
Gets a URL linking to a rendition.

getRenditionsListByNodeId(nodeId: string):Observable<RenditionPaging>
Gets all available renditions for an item.

convert(nodeId: string, encoding: string, pollingInterval: number = 1000)
Performs a format conversion on an item directly.


ACS allows content items to be converted to other formats for display or delivery. For example, a raw text file might be converted to HTML to enable better formatting in a web browser or a PDF might be converted to an equivalent bitmap image. A rendition is a prearranged conversion that is set up for an item for convenient repeated use. More information about renditions is available in the Content Services documentation.

In the Renditions service methods, the nodeId is a string identifying the content node that the rendition applies to. This can be obtained from Document List component events and various other places in the ADF API. The encoding identifies the conversion performed by the rendition.

See the Renditions API page in the Alfresco JS API for more information about the RenditionPaging class and other implementation details.

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