Gets a list of items a user has marked as their favorites.

Class members


  • getFavorites(personId: string, options?: any): Observable<NodePaging>
    Gets the favorites for a user.

    • personId: string - ID of the user
    • options: any - (Optional) Options supported by JS-API
    • Returns Observable<NodePaging> - List of favorites
  • remapFavoriteEntries(entries: any[]): any[]

    • entries: any[] -
    • Returns any[] -
  • remapFavoritesData(data: FavoritePaging = {}): NodePaging

  • remapEntry(__namedParameters: Function): any

    • __namedParameters: Function -
    • Returns any -


Process Services allows users to mark items as "favorites". These are typically items that are important or frequently used.

Use getFavorites to find a user's favorite items. You could use this, for example, to create a menu for the user to access their favorites quickly rather than by navigating or searching. Using "-me-" for the personId indicates that the target person is the currently logged-in user.

You can specify a number of options to modify the search further. See the Alfresco JS API page for getFavorites for more information.

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