Maps a form field type string onto the corresponding form widget component type.

Class members


  • getComponentTypeResolver(type: string, defaultValue: Type<any> = this.defaultValue): DynamicComponentResolveFunction
    Gets the currently active DynamicComponentResolveFunction for a field type.
    • type: string - The type whose resolver you want
    • defaultValue: Type<any> - Default type returned for types that are not yet mapped
    • Returns DynamicComponentResolveFunction - Resolver function
  • register(components: Function, override: boolean = false)
    Register multiple components
    • components: Function -
    • override: boolean -
  • resolveComponentType(model: DynamicComponentModel, defaultValue: Type<any> = this.defaultValue): Type<any>
    Finds the component type that is needed to render a form field.
    • model: DynamicComponentModel - Form field model for the field to render
    • defaultValue: Type<any> - Default type returned for field types that are not yet mapped.
    • Returns Type<any> - Component type
  • setComponentTypeResolver(type: string, resolver: DynamicComponentResolveFunction, override: boolean = true)
    Sets or optionally replaces a DynamicComponentResolveFunction for a field type.
    • type: string - The type whose resolver you want to set
    • resolver: DynamicComponentResolveFunction - The new resolver function
    • override: boolean - The new resolver will only replace an existing one if this parameter is true


The Form Field component uses this service to choose which widget to use to render an instance of a form field. The Form Field model stores the field type name as a string (see the table below). The Form Rendering service maintains a mapping between each type name and a corresponding DynamicComponentResolveFunction. The function takes a FormFieldModel object as its argument and uses the data from the object to determine which widget should be used to render the field.

In some cases, the field type string alone is enough to determine the widget type and so the function just returns the type directly:

let customResolver: DynamicComponentResolveFunction = () => CustomWidgetComponent;
formRenderingService.setComponentTypeResolver('text', customResolver, true);

In other cases, the function may need to choose the widget dynamically based on specific values in the form data:

let customResolver: DynamicComponentResolveFunction = (field: FormFieldModel): Type<{}> => {
    if (field) {
        let params = field.params;
    return UnknownWidgetComponent;
formRenderingService.setComponentTypeResolver('text', customResolver, true);

Default type mapping

The Form Rendering service is initialized with the mapping shown in the table below:

Stencil nameField type stringComponent type
Attach"upload"AttachWidgetComponent or UploadWidgetComponent (based on metadata)
Display text"readonly-text"DisplayTextWidgetComponentComponent
Display Rich text"display-rich-text"DisplayRichTextWidgetComponent
Display value"readonly"DisplayValueWidgetComponent
Dynamic table"dynamic-table"DynamicTableWidgetComponent
Group of people"functional-group"FunctionalGroupWidgetComponent
Multi-line text"multi-line-text"MultilineTextWidgetComponentComponent
Radio buttons"radio-buttons"RadioButtonsWidgetComponent

You can add new items to the mapping or replace existing items in order to customize the way fields are rendered.

Adding new or replacement items to the mapping

You can use the setComponentTypeResolver method to add a new ComponentTypeResolver function for a particular type string. You can also replace the resolver for a type that already exists in the mapping if you set the override parameter to 'true':

formRenderingService.setComponentTypeResolver('text', newResolver, true);

You would typically use this to replace an existing widget with your own custom version that implements a modified layout or responds differently when the data is entered. See the Form Extensibility and Customisation guide for further details and examples of this technique.

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