Gets information about Process Services users.

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  • getCurrentUserInfo(): Observable<BpmUserModel>
    Gets information about the current user.
  • getCurrentUserProfileImage(): string
    Gets the current user's profile image as a URL.
    • Returns string - URL string
  • getUserImage(user: UserProcessModel): string
    Gets the profile picture URL for the specified user.
  • getWorkflowGroups(filter: string, groupId?: string): Observable<GroupModel[]>
    Gets a list of groups in a workflow.
    • filter: string - Filter to select specific groups
    • groupId: string - (Optional) Group ID for the search
    • Returns Observable<GroupModel[]> - Array of groups
  • getWorkflowUsers(taskId?: string, searchWord?: string, groupId?: string): Observable<UserProcessModel[]>
    Gets information about users across all tasks.
    • taskId: string - (Optional) ID of the task
    • searchWord: string - (Optional) Filter text to search for
    • groupId: string - (Optional)
    • Returns Observable<UserProcessModel[]> - Array of user information objects
  • involveUserWithTask(taskId: string, idToInvolve: string): Observable<UserProcessModel[]>
    Sets a user to be involved with a task.
    • taskId: string - ID of the target task
    • idToInvolve: string - ID of the user to involve
    • Returns Observable<UserProcessModel[]> - Empty response when the update completes
  • removeInvolvedUser(taskId: string, idToRemove: string): Observable<UserProcessModel[]>
    Removes a user who is currently involved with a task.
    • taskId: string - ID of the target task
    • idToRemove: string - ID of the user to remove
    • Returns Observable<UserProcessModel[]> - Empty response when the update completes


Use getWorkflowUsers to find users across all tasks, optionally filtering by the searchWord in the task name. The taskId parameter, if used, specifies a task to be excluded from the results. You would typically use this feature to find new users to assign to a task, in which case you would want to exclude users already assigned to that task.

The User Process model class used by the methods is seen throughout ADF's Process Services features. Note that for involveUserWithTask and removeInvolvedUser, null data is returned rather than usable details about users.

You can find more information about the REST API methods used by this service in the Task Actions API (for involveUserWithTask and removeInvolvedUser), the User Workflow API (for getWorkflowUsers) and the User API(for getUserImage).

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