Provides fine control of parameters to a search.

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  • generateQueryBody(searchTerm: string, maxResults: number, skipCount: number): QueryBody
    Generates a QueryBody object with custom search parameters.
    • searchTerm: string - Term text to search for
    • maxResults: number - Maximum number of search results to show in a page
    • skipCount: number - The offset of the start of the page within the results list
    • Returns QueryBody - Query body defined by the parameters


The generateQueryBody method returns a QueryBody object. This configures the search to use searchTerm along with maxResults and skipCount specified for the paging of the search results.

This service is a standard implementation of the Search configuration interface that works well for many common cases. However, you can also supply your own implementation if you need to. See the Search configuration interface page for full details and example code.

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