Accesses the Content Services Search API.

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  • getNodeQueryResults(term: string, options?: SearchOptions): Observable<NodePaging>
    Gets a list of nodes that match the given search criteria.
    • term: string - Term to search for
    • options: SearchOptions - (Optional) Options for delivery of the search results
    • Returns Observable<NodePaging> - List of nodes resulting from the search
  • search(searchTerm: string, maxResults: number, skipCount: number): Observable<ResultSetPaging>
    Performs a search.
    • searchTerm: string - Term to search for
    • maxResults: number - Maximum number of items in the list of results
    • skipCount: number - Number of higher-ranked items to skip over in the list
    • Returns Observable<ResultSetPaging> - List of search results
  • searchByQueryBody(queryBody: QueryBody): Observable<ResultSetPaging>
    Performs a search with its parameters supplied by a QueryBody object.


See the search method in the Alfresco JS-API for the format of the query and returned data. The Search Configuration service has a method to generate the QueryBody object used by searchByQueryBody. The properties of the SearchOptions interface are documented in source file comments.

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