Finds shared links to Content Services items.

Class members


  • createSharedLinks(nodeId: string, options: any = {}): Observable<SharedLinkEntry>
    Creates a shared link available to the current user.
    • nodeId: string - ID of the node to link to
    • options: any - Options supported by JS-API
    • Returns Observable<SharedLinkEntry> - The shared link just created
  • deleteSharedLink(sharedId: string): Observable<any|Error>
    Deletes a shared link.
    • sharedId: string - ID of the link to delete
    • Returns Observable<any|Error> - Null response notifying when the operation is complete
  • getSharedLinks(options: any = {}): Observable<NodePaging>
    Gets shared links available to the current user.


Content Services allows users to generate URLs that can be shared with other people, even if they don't have a Content Services account. These URLs are known as shared links.

Use getSharedLinks to find all the shared links that are available to the current user. You can supply a number of options to refine the search; see the Alfresco JS API for more information.

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