Stores preferences for the app and for individual components.

Class members


  • get(property: string, defaultValue?: string): string
    Gets a preference property.
    • property: string - Name of the property
    • defaultValue: string - (Optional) Default to return if the property is not found
    • Returns string - Preference property
  • getDefaultLocale(): string
    Gets the default locale.
    • Returns string - Default locale language code
  • getPropertyKey(property: string): string
    Gets the full property key with prefix.
    • property: string - The property name
    • Returns string - Property key
  • getStoragePrefix(): string
    Gets the active storage prefix for preferences.
    • Returns string - Storage prefix
  • hasItem(property: string): boolean
    Check if an item is present in the storage
    • property: string - Name of the property
    • Returns boolean - True if the item is present, false otherwise
  • select(property: string): Observable<any>
    Sets up a callback to notify when a property has changed.
    • property: string - The property to watch
    • Returns Observable<any> - Notification callback
  • set(property: string, value: any)
    Sets a preference property.
    • property: string - Name of the property
    • value: any - New value for the property
  • setStoragePrefix(value: string)
    Sets the active storage prefix for preferences.
    • value: string - Name of the prefix
  • setWithoutStore(property: string, value: any)
    Sets a preference property.
    • property: string - Name of the property
    • value: any - New value for the property


The preferences are bound to a particular prefix so the application can switch between different profiles on demand.

For example, upon login you can set the prefix to the current username:

import { UserPreferencesService, AuthenticationService } from '@alfresco/adf-core';

class AppComponent {
    constructor(private userPreferences: UserPreferencesService,
                private authService: AuthenticationService) {

    onLoggedIn() {

As soon as you assign the storage prefix, all settings that you get or set via the UserPreferencesService will be saved to a dedicated profile.

You can import the service into your controller and use its APIs as shown below:

class AppComponent {
    constructor(userPreferences: UserPreferencesService) {

        userPreferences.set('myProperty1', 'value1');
        userPreferences.set('myProperty2', 'value2');


The service also provides quick access to a set of the "known" properties used across ADF components:

authTypestringAuthorization type (can be "ECM", "BPM" or "ALL").
disableCSRFbooleanPrevents the CSRF Token from being submitted if true. Only valid for Process Services.
paginationSizenumberPagination size.
localestringCurrent locale setting.

User Preference onChange Stream

Whenever a property is set with the user preferences service, an onChange event is sent with the whole set of user properties. This is useful when a component needs to react to a property change:

    userPreferences.paginationSize = 10;
    userPreferences.onChange().subscribe((userStatusValues) => {
        console.log(userStatusValues.PAGINATION_SIZE); //this will be 10

You can also use the select method to get notification when a particular property is changed. A set of basic properties is added into the enumeration UserPreferenceValues which gives you the key value to access the standard user preference service properties : PaginationSize, DisableCSRF, Locale, SupportedPageSizes and ExpandedSideNavStatus.

    userPreferences.disableCSRF = true; => {
        console.log(CSRFflag); //this will be true;

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