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Stores items in the form of key-value pairs.

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  • clear()
    Removes all currently stored items.
  • getItem(key: string): string|null
    Gets an item.
    • key: string - Key to identify the item
    • Returns string|null - The item (if any) retrieved by the key
  • hasItem(key: string): boolean
    Is any item currently stored under key?
    • key: string - Key identifying item to check
    • Returns boolean - True if key retrieves an item, false otherwise
  • removeItem(key: string)
    Removes a single item.
    • key: string - Key to identify the item
  • setItem(key: string, data: string)
    Stores an item
    • key: string - Key to identify the item
    • data: string - Data to store


The service will check to see if web storage is available on the browser. If it is available then the service will use it to store the key-value items persistently. Web storage can be used in a similar way to cookies but with a much higher size limit (several MB for web storage compared to a few KB for cookies). However, cookies are more widely supported by browsers and can be set to expire after a certain date.

If local storage is not available then non-persistent memory storage within the app is used instead.

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