Displays dynamically-loaded extension components.

Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
dataanyData for the dynamically-loaded component instance.
idstringUnique ID string for the component to show.


Use the Dynamic component to create extensible apps (ie, apps that provide a generalized UI structure where the specific content can be "plugged in" by other developers). The id property refers to a component that has previously been registered using the setComponents method of the Extension service:

// Registering the extension components.
    'plugInName.components.docList': DocumentListComponent.
    'plugInName.components.login': LoginComponent,
<!-- Using the component pre-registered with the key 'plugInName.components.login' -->
    data="{ ... }"

Use this to provide the extension developer with a standard layout that contains placeholders defined by instances of the Dynamic component. The developer can then register any desired components to correspond to the defined component IDs. For example, the extensible app might be shipped with the standard Document List component registered against plugInName.components.docList. The extension developer can replace this with a custom class simply by registering that class with setComponents before use.

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