Starts a process.



Basic Usage


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
appNamestring""(required) Name of the app.
maxNameLengthnumberMAX_NAME_LENGTHMaximum length of the process name.
namestring""Name of the process.
processDefinitionNamestringName of the process definition.
showSelectProcessDropdownbooleantrueShow/hide the process dropdown list.
showTitlebooleantrueShow/hide title.
valuesTaskVariableCloud[]Parameter to pass form field values in the start form if one is associated.
variablesanyVariables to attach to the payload.


cancelEventEmitter<ProcessInstanceCloud>Emitted when the starting process is cancelled
errorEventEmitter<ProcessInstanceCloud>Emitted when an error occurs.
formContentClickedEventEmitter<ContentLinkModel>Emitted when form content is clicked.
processDefinitionSelectionEventEmitter<ProcessDefinitionCloud>Emitted when process definition selection changes.
successEventEmitter<ProcessInstanceCloud>Emitted when the process is successfully started.


Starting a process with a default name and a pre-selected process definition name


You can use the processDefinitionName property to select which process will be selected by default on the dropdown (when there is more than one process to choose from). Use the name property to set the name shown on the dropdown item.

If the app contains only one process definition, this process definition will be selected by default

Starting a process with variables

      [variables]="{ 'my-key1' : 'myvalue', 'my-key2' : 'myvalue2'}">

Starting a process with values passed to the form

      [values]="[{'name': 'firstName', 'value': 'MyName'}, {'name': 'lastName', 'value': 'MyLastName'}]">

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