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Basic Usage


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
appNamestring""Display filters available to the current user for the application with the specified name.
filterParamFilterParamsModelParameters to use for the task filter cloud. If there is no match then the default filter (the first one in the list) is selected.
showIconsbooleanfalseToggles display of the filter's icons.


errorEventEmitter<any>Emitted when an error occurs during loading.
filterClickedEventEmitter<TaskFilterCloudModel>Emitted when a filter is being clicked from the UI.
filterCounterUpdatedEventEmitter<TaskCloudEngineEvent[]>Emitted when filter counters are updated.
filterSelectedEventEmitter<TaskFilterCloudModel>Emitted when a filter is being selected based on the filterParam input.
successEventEmitter<any>Emitted when the list is loaded.


Filtering APS2 task filters

Use the filterParam property to restrict the range of filters that are shown:

   [filterParam]="{name:'My tasks'}">

You can use properties from FilterParamsModel as the value of filterParam as shown in the table below:

idstringThe id of the task filter
namestringThe name of the task filter, lowercase is checked
keystringThe key of the task filter
indexstringThe zero-based position of the filter in the array

Showing Filter Counters

By default, filter counters are hidden. If you want to display filter counters you will need to add the showCounter property set to true in your TaskFilterCloudModel.

task filter counter

Updating Filter Counters

If you want to disable notification bubbles as task filters change you can change it directly from the app.config.json.

    "notifications": true

update filter bubble

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