Shows a form for a task.

Shows Cancel, Save, Complete, Claim and Release buttons. Cancel, Save and Complete buttons are always present. Claim and Release buttons are present according to user's permissions and task's condition (Claimed, Completed etc).

Task form cloud component screenshot

The following example shows the buttons that are visible when the task's condition is released and the user has the admin permissions

Task form cloud component screenshot

Save and Complete buttons get disabled when at least one of the form's inputs are invalid. Task form cloud component screenshot

Basic Usage


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
appNamestring""App id to fetch corresponding form and values.
readOnlybooleanfalseToggle readonly state of the task.
showCancelButtonbooleantrueToggle rendering of the Cancel button.
showCompleteButtonbooleantrueToggle rendering of the Complete button.
showRefreshButtonbooleanfalseToggle rendering of the Refresh button.
showTitlebooleantrueToggle rendering of the form title.
showValidationIconbooleantrueToggle rendering of the Validation icon.
taskIdstringTask id to fetch corresponding form and values.


cancelClickEventEmitter<string>Emitted when the cancel button is clicked.
errorEventEmitter<any>Emitted when any error occurs.
executeOutcomeEventEmitter<FormOutcomeEvent>Emitted when any outcome is executed. Default behaviour can be prevented via event.preventDefault().
formCompletedEventEmitter<FormModel>Emitted when the form is submitted with the Complete outcome.
formContentClickedEventEmitter<ContentLinkModel>Emitted when form content is clicked.
formSavedEventEmitter<FormModel>Emitted when the form is saved.
onTaskLoadedEventEmitter<TaskDetailsCloudModel>Emitted when a task is loaded`.
taskClaimedEventEmitter<string>Emitted when the task is claimed.
taskCompletedEventEmitter<string>Emitted when the task is completed.
taskUnclaimedEventEmitter<string>Emitted when the task is unclaimed.

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