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Edits Task Filter Details.


Basic Usage


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
appNamestring(required) Name of the app.
idstring""(required) The id of the Task filter.
filterPropertiesstring []['state', 'assignment', 'sort', 'order']List of task filter properties to display.
showFilterActionsbooleantrueToggles edit task filter actions.
showTitlebooleantrueToggles edit task filter title.


actionEventEmitter<FilterActionType>Emitted when a filter action occurs (i.e Save, Save As, Delete).
filterChangeEventEmitter<TaskFilterCloudModel>Emitted when a task filter property changes.


Editing APS2 task filters

Use the appName and id properties to choose which task filter to edit:


Filter properties

You can supply various filter properties to edit that will determine which tasks are found by a filter. The full set of properties is given below:

appNameName of the app
stateExecution state of the task.
assignmentUser the task is assigned to
taskNameName of the task
parentTaskIdID of the task's parent task
priorityTask priority
standAloneStandalone status of the task
ownerUser ID of the task's owner
processDefinitionIdProcess definition ID
processDefinitionKeyProcess definition key
processInstanceIdProcess instance ID
lastModifiedFromFinds tasks modified after this date
lastModifiedToFinds tasks modified before this date
sortField on which the filter results will be sorted (doesn't participate in the filtering itself). Can be "id", "name", "createdDate", "priority", "processDefinitionId".
orderSort ordering of the filter results it can be ASC or DESC (doesn't participate in the filtering itself).

By default, the state, assignment, sort and order properties are displayed in the editor. However, you can also choose which properties to show using the filterProperties array. For example, the code below initializes the editor with the appName, processInstanceId, startDate and lastModifiedTo properties:

import { UserProcessModel } from '@alfresco/adf-core';

class SomeComponent implements OnInit {

    filterProperties: string[] = [

    onFilterChange(filter: TaskFilterCloudModel) {
        console.log('On filter change: ', filter);

    onAction($event: FilterActionType) {
        console.log('Clicked action: ', $event);

With this configuration, only the four listed properties will be shown.

Note: Currently, the sort property has a limited set of properties to choose from: id, name, status and startDate.

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