When an identifier is specified, the input will be transformed replacing the identifiers with the values of the selected process definition provided.

Basic Usage

processNameCloudPipe.transform('Example - %{processDefinition} - %{datetime}', new ProcessDefinitionCloud({ name: 'upload-passport'}));


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
processNameFormatstringundefinedThe process name format including the preferred identifiers to be used
selectedProcessDefinitionProcessDefinitionCloudundefined(optional) The selected process definition


The pipe offers a convenient way to format a process name using a process name format template.

The supported identifiers that can be used in the process name format are the following:

  • %{processDefinition}
  • %{datetime}

When the %{processDefinition} identifier is used, the selected process definition provided will be added and positioned in the same place as the identifier.

When the %{datetime} identifier is used, the current datetime will be added and positioned in the same place as the identifier.

Important Notes:

  • All the identifiers are case-insensitive.
  • The identifiers can be used in any position (beginning, middle, end, custom).
  • The identifiers can NOT be used more than once each in the same processNameFormat (The second occurrence of each identifier will be ignored and handled as a plain string).


processNameCloudPipe.transform('Example - %{processDefinition} - %{datetime}', new ProcessDefinitionCloud({ name: 'upload-passport'}));
//Returns 'Example - upload passport - June 02, 2020, 12:00:00 AM'

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