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Shows all the information related to a task.


Basic Usage


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
appNamestring(Required) The name of the application.
readOnlybooleanfalseToggles Read Only Mode. This disables click selection and editing for all cells.
taskIdstring(Required) The id of the task.


claimEventEmitter<any>Emitted when the task is claimed.
unclaimEventEmitter<any>Emitted when the task is unclaimed (ie, requeued).


The component populates an internal array of CardViewModel with the information that we want to display.

By default all properties are displayed:

assignee, status, priority, dueDate, category, parentName, created, id, description, formName.

However, you can also choose which properties to show using a configuration in app.config.json:

    "adf-cloud-task-header": {
        "presets": {
            "properties" : [ "assignee", "status", "priority", "parentName"]

With this configuration, only the four listed properties will be shown.

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