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Shows all available apps.


Basic Usage



You can show custom content when there are no apps available by supplying an <adf-custom-empty-content> section:

            No Apps present

Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
filtersAppIdany[]Provides a way to filter the apps to show.
layoutTypestring(required) Defines the layout of the apps. There are two possible values, "GRID" and "LIST".


appClickEventEmitter<AppDefinitionRepresentationModel>Emitted when an app entry is clicked.
errorEventEmitter<any>Emitted when an error occurs.


You can specify a restricted list of apps using the filtersAppId property. This array contains a list of objects containing the property values you are interested in. You can use any of the following properties as filters:

    "defaultAppId": "string", 
    "deploymentId": "string", 
    "name": "string", 
    "id": "number", 
    "modelId": "number",
    "tenantId": "number"

For example, if you set filtersAppId as follows:

        {defaultAppId: 'tasks'}, 
        {deploymentId: '15037'}, 
        {name : 'my app name'}]">

...then only the Tasks app, the app with deploymentId 15037 and the app with "my app name" will be shown.


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