Shows the details of the task ID passed in as input.

Basic Usage


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
debugModebooleanfalseToggles debug mode.
fieldValidatorsFormFieldValidator[][]Field validators for use with the form.
readOnlyFormbooleanfalseToggles read-only state of the form. All form widgets render as read-only if enabled.
showChecklistbooleantrueToggles Checklist feature for the Header component.
showCommentsbooleantrueToggles Comments feature for the Header component.
showFormCompleteButtonbooleantrueToggles rendering of the Complete outcome button.
showFormRefreshButtonbooleantrueToggles rendering of the Refresh button.
showFormSaveButtonbooleantrueToggles rendering of the Save outcome button.
showFormTitlebooleanfalseToggles rendering of the form title.
showHeaderbooleantrueToggles task details Header component.
showHeaderContentbooleantrueToggles collapsed/expanded state of the Header component.
showInvolvePeoplebooleantrueToggles Involve People feature for the Header component.
showNextTaskbooleantrueAutomatically renders the next task when the current one is completed.
taskIdstring(required) The id of the task whose details we are asking for.


assignTaskEventEmitter<void>Emitted when a task is assigned.
claimedTaskEventEmitter<string>Emitted when a task is claimed.
errorEventEmitter<any>Emitted when an error occurs.
executeOutcomeEventEmitter<FormOutcomeEvent>Emitted when any outcome is executed. Default behaviour can be prevented via event.preventDefault().
formCompletedEventEmitter<FormModel>Emitted when the form is submitted with the Complete outcome.
formContentClickedEventEmitter<ContentLinkModel>Emitted when the form field content is clicked.
formLoadedEventEmitter<FormModel>Emitted when the form is loaded or reloaded.
formSavedEventEmitter<FormModel>Emitted when the form is submitted with the Save or custom outcomes.
taskCreatedEventEmitter<TaskDetailsModel>Emitted when a checklist task is created.
taskDeletedEventEmitter<string>Emitted when a checklist task is deleted.
unClaimedTaskEventEmitter<string>Emitted when a task is unclaimed.


Custom 'empty Task Details' template

By default the Task Details component shows a simple "No Tasks" message when there are no details. You can change this by adding the a custom HTML template as in the following example:

<adf-task-details [taskId]="taskId">
             <h1>Sorry, no tasks here</h1>
             <img src="example.jpg">

Note that you can use any HTML content in the template, including other Angular components.

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