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Task details

Several of the methods return one or more TaskDetailsModel instances corresponding to tasks or subtasks matched by a query of some kind. For example, getTaskDetails could be used as shown below:

const taskInstanceId = '15303';
this.tasklistService.getTaskDetails(taskInstanceId).subscribe( (taskInstance: TaskDetailsModel) => {
    console.log('TaskInstance: ', taskInstance);
}, error => {
    console.log('Error: ', error);

The resulting TaskDetailsModel object contains information like the following:

    adhocTaskCanBeReassigned: false
    assignee: UserProcessModel {pictureId: null, id: 1, email: "[email protected]", firstName: null, lastName: "Administrator"}
    category: null
    created: Wed Oct 11 2017 09:07:14 GMT+0100 (BST) {}
    description: null
    dueDate: null
    duration: null
    endDate: null
    executionId: "11337"
    formKey: "9"
    id: "15303"
    initiatorCanCompleteTask: false
    involvedPeople: []
    managerOfCandidateGroup: false
    memberOfCandidateGroup: false
    memberOfCandidateUsers: false
    name: "Clarify Invoice - Invoice-20302.pdf"
    parentTaskId: null
    parentTaskName: null
    priority: 50
    processDefinitionCategory: ""
    processDefinitionDeploymentId: "18"
    processDefinitionDescription: "This is a simple invoice approval process that allows a person to assign a dedicated approver for the the invoice. It will then be routed to the Accounting department for payment preparation. Once payment is prepared the invoice will be stored in a specific folder and an email notification will be sent."
    processDefinitionId: "InvoiceApprovalProcess:2:21"
    processDefinitionKey: "InvoiceApprovalProcess"
    processDefinitionName: "Invoice Approval Process"
    processDefinitionVersion: 2
    processInstanceId: "11337"
    processInstanceName: null
    processInstanceStartUserId: "1"
    taskDefinitionKey: "clarifyInvoice"


Some of the methods run a search query contained in a TaskQueryRequestRepresentationModel and return the matched tasks. Below is an example of how you might run a query using getTasks:

const taskQuery: TaskQueryRequestRepresentationModel = {
  appDefinitionId: '2',
  processInstanceId: null,
  processDefinitionId: null,
  text: null,
  assignment: null,
  state: 'open',
  sort: 'created_asc',
  page: 0,
  size: 5,
  start: null
this.tasklistService.getTasks(taskQuery).subscribe( (taskListModel: TaskListModel) => {
    console.log('Task List Model: ', taskListModel);
}, error => {
    console.log('Error: ', error);

In this example, the query specifies all Task Instances for the process app with ID 2. Setting the size property to 5 ensures the query will return no more than five task instances in the results.

You can use various query parameters to narrow down the scope of the results. If you are only interested in task instances related to a specific process instance, then you can set the processInstanceId accordingly. If you want all tasks related to a type of process then you can use processDefinitionId.

Use the state property to indicate that you want only "completed" or "open" tasks (this defaults to "open" if you leave it undefined).

The assignment property filters tasks based on how they are assigned (or not assigned yet). Use assignee if you are interested in tasks that are assigned to a user. If you want to see pooled tasks (i.e. tasks that needs to be claimed by a user), then use candidate.

A successful query returns a TaskListModel with the data property set to an array of TaskDetailsModel:

    0: {id: "75010", name: "Approve Invoice  - Invoice-10202.pdf", description: null, category: null, assignee: {…}, …}
    1: {id: "74746", name: "Verify with the person that did the purchase", description: null, category: "2", assignee: {…}, …}
    2: {id: "74745", name: "Double check invoice amount", description: null, category: "2", assignee: {…}, …}
    3: {id: "20686", name: "Sample checklist task 1", description: null, category: "2", assignee: {…}, …}
    4: {id: "15303", name: "Clarify Invoice - Invoice-20302.pdf", description: null, category: null, assignee: {…}, …}
length: 5
size: 5
start: 0
total: 10

The total property indicates that actual number of tasks that were found, but the size property limited the found set to five items.


import { TaskListService, TaskDetailsModel, TaskQueryRequestRepresentationModel, TaskListModel, Form } from '@alfresco/adf-process-services';
import { TaskUpdateRepresentation } from '@alfresco/js-api';

class SomePageComponent implements OnInit {

  constructor(private tasklistService: TaskListService) {

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