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Starts a process.



Basic Usage


Class members


NameTypeDefault valueDescription
appIdnumber(optional) Limit the list of processes that can be started to those contained in the specified app.
namestring""(optional) Name to assign to the current process.
processDefinitionNamestring(optional) Definition name of the process to start.
processFilterSelectorbooleantrue(optional) Parameter to enable selection of process when filtering.
showSelectProcessDropdownbooleantrueHide or show the process selection dropdown.
valuesFormValuesParameter to pass form field values in the start form if one is associated.
variablesProcessInstanceVariable[]Variables in the input to the process RestVariable.


cancelEventEmitter<ProcessInstance>Emitted when the process is canceled.
errorEventEmitter<ProcessInstance>Emitted when an error occurs.
startEventEmitter<ProcessInstance>Emitted when the process starts.


Starting a process with a default name and pre-selected process definition name


You can use the processDefinitionName property to select which process will be selected by default on the dropdown (when there is more than one process to choose from). Use the name property to set the name shown on the dropdown item.

Starting a process not included in an app


Use processDefinitionName to set the dropdown item as in the example above.

Custom data example

The following example shows how to pass in form field values to initialize the start form for the process:

const formValues: FormValues  = {
    'test_1': 'value_1',
    'test_2': 'value_2',
    'test_3': 'value_1',
    'test_4': 'dropdown_id',
    'test_5': 'dropdown_label',
    'dropdown': {'id': 'dropdown_id', 'name': 'dropdown_label'}
    [appId]="YOUR_APP_ID" >

Attaching a File to the start form of the process

You can see a repository in the Alfresco Repositories list once it is created in APS. If the repository is set up with an ID value of anything other than 1 then you will need to declare it in app.config.json. For example, if the repository's ID is 1002 and its name is alfresco then you would set the alfrescoRepositoryName property inapp.config.json to alfresco-1002 as follows:

    "application": {
        "name": "Alfresco ADF Application"
    "ecmHost": "http://{hostname}{:port}/ecm",
    "bpmHost": "http://{hostname}{:port}/bpm",
    "logLevel": "silent",
    "alfrescoRepositoryName": "alfresco-1002"

You then need to pass the node as the input values object with the other properties:

let node: MinimalNode = null;

 this.nodesApiService.getNode(NODE_ID).subscribe((minimalNode) => this.node = minimalNode);

const formValues: FormValues  = {
    'file' : node
    'field_one': 'example text'

You could pass multiple nodes too:

const nodes: string[] = [NODE_ID_1, NODE_ID_2];

const values: FormValues = {
        'files': []

        .flatMap((nodeId) => this.nodesApiService.getNode(nodeId))
              (node) => {
              (error) => console.log(error) ,
              () => {
                this.formValues = values;

Note that in the object above, the key file is the name of the attach file field in the start form of the process. The value of the file property must be a MinimalNode:

    [appId]="YOUR_APP_ID" >

The result will be the start form prefilled with the file data:

Start process load file

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